Fayrouz Pineapple Premium Soft Drink 33cl

Fayrouz Pineapple Premium Soft Drink 33cl


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Fayrouz Pineapple Premium Soft Drink

Fayrouz Pineapple Premium Soft Drink is a unique blend of barley malt, the purest of waters and delicious natural fruit flavours for those who are truly original. Refreshingly different, launched in Nigeria in 2006, the brand is synonymous with natural refreshment, fashion and lifestyle.

Fayrouz is more natural than other soft drinks made with natural fruit flavours. The available flavours are Pineapple and Citrus5, offering a blend of 5 citrus fruits. The premium packaging, liquid and foam head make it a very premium, natural and sophisticated soft drink to stand out.

Volume: 33cl

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