Latyf Corn Flour 300g

Latyf Corn Flour 300g


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Latyf Corn Flour

Produced from the best grain. Good for your soups, children's food, baking and other cooking recipes.

Method of using Latyf Corn Flour

For children food: Take 40grams of Latyf Corn Flour and mix with little water, add milk and sugar to your taste. Boil and stir for 3 minutes, serve hot.

For baking: Add one part of Latyf Corn Flour to five parts of flour, this will make your cakes and other confectionary smoother and fluffier.

For soup thickner: Add a smooth cream Latyf Corn Flour (15 grams) to your soup of 200ml.

Ingredient: Cornstarch

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