Ahmad Tea Peach & Passion Fruit Black Tea


Sold By: Kaduna Solutions


Peach and passion fruit is one of the great flavour combinations. That’s why we created this Peach and Passion Fruit Flavoured Black Tea. Balancing sweetly exotic fruit flavours with quality black teas, this blend is an essential cup for all tea lovers.

This blend is made with black teas from Africa, infused with real peach and passion fruit pieces and our special peach and passion flavouring, creating a fruity, exotic and aromatic drink.

Each teabag is foil-wrapped, ensuring each brew is packed with flavour. Can be served as a soothing hot drink or a cold refreshing sip.

Ingredients: Black tea, Peach & passion fruit flavouring, Peach, Passion fruit.

Quantity: 20 Teabags


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Ahmad Tea Peach & Passion Fruit Black Tea