Oranges (Yoruba)

Oranges (Yoruba)


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Oranges are among the world’s most popular fruits. They grow on orange trees and belong to a large group of fruits known as citrus fruits.

Oranges are a type of low calorie, highly nutritious citrus fruit. As part of a healthful and varied diet, oranges contribute to strong, clear skin and can help lower a person’s risk of many conditions.

Oranges are popular due to their natural sweetness, the many different types available, and the diversity of uses. For example, a person can consume them in juices and marmalades, eat them whole, or use zested peel to add a tangy flavor to cakes and desserts.

This popular citrus fruit is particularly known for its vitamin C content. However, oranges contain a range of other plant compounds and antioxidants that may reduce inflammation and work against disease.

The bottom line

Oranges are among the world’s most popular fruits, as they’re both tasty and nutritious.

They are a good source of vitamin C, as well as several other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

For this reason, they may lower your risk of heart disease and kidney stones.

Put simply, this bright citrus fruit is an excellent addition to a healthy diet.

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