Fun Snax Banana Flavour Wafer Sticks 18g x 96

Fun Snax Banana Flavour Wafer Sticks 18g x 96


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Fun Snax Banana Flavour Wafer Sticks

Fun Snax Wafer Sticks Banana Flavour
Everyday is a party with Fun Snax Wafer Sticks. Delicious wafer sticks with a creamy filling. Perfect for your daily snack Fun Snax Wafer Sticks. Wafer range is the smart choice for mothers for their kids and family as mid-day light snacking or as a lunch box meal.

Fun Snax Wafer Sticks are made from finest ingredients and packed in world class packaging to ensure quality.

  • Quantity: 95 sachets per pack
  • Weight: 18g per sachet

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