Golden Penny Instan Noodles Jollof Chicken Flavour 70g

Golden Penny Instan Noodles Jollof Chicken Flavour 70g


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Golden Penny Instan Noodles Jollof Chicken Flavour

Golden penny jollof chicken noodles has a unique blend of spices that gives an intriguing jollof taste in minutes.

Golden Penny noodles are the tasty non-sticky, non-soggy noodles rich in essential nutrients, and they are packaged to the highest standards to keep it fresh or longer. Golden Penny seasoning recipe gives it an appetizing aroma and a taste that will send your taste buds on a trip. Food for all ages, fastest meal that you can ever think off... you can eat it with rice, tea, bean, breans,

Golden Penny Noodles are the delicious, tasty, yummy, nonsticky, nonsoggy noodles rich in essential nutrients. Quantity and quality of protein in the flour are critical aspects that are used to achieve the desired texture of instant noodles and ensure the firmness and elasticity that the Golden Penny Noodles is known for.

Noodles are one of the most loved and consumed food in the world by children and adults. It is made from unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut, stretched or extruded, into long strips or strings.

Golden Penny Noodles and its spice is a recipe on its own but you can still add a few touches to it like your vegetable and other spices to fit your desired look and taste. It saves time and is easy and fun to cook can be enjoyed by the whole family Tasty and nutritious Non-sticky noodles.

Weight: 70g

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