Supreme Semolina 10Kg

Supreme Semolina 10Kg


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Supreme Semolina

Supreme Semolina is a creamy coarse semolina made from wheat, enriched with micro-nutrients and iron.
Supreme semolina pure white semolina brand is with top quality. It is superfine, pure white in nature and creamier in colour.
Supreme semolina is easy to make with boiled water and ready to be eaten by the whole family.

It has a firm and light texture that makes it ideal for consumption any time of the day. It goes perfectly well with any type of soup.

It 100% pure wheat.

Cooking Instructions

* Boil desired quantity of water in a bowl / pot
* If preferred add a pinch of salt
* Gradually add desired quantity of Supreme Semolina into the bowl of water.
* Stir well as you add to ensure an effective mixing until desired thickness is achieved.
* Cover the bowl and allow to boil for about 2 minutes
* Stir well again until firm and consistent blend is reached.
* Your Supreme Semolina is ready and could be served with any preferred soup.

Weight: 10Kg

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