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Gold Circle Natural Rubber Latex Condoms x 3


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Gold Circle Natural Rubber Latex Condoms

Gold circle is Society for Family health pinnacle product with over 20 years in the Nigerian Market. Gold Circle (Classic) undergoes two levels of quality assurance test, hence its double tested assuring premium quality. A pack contains now contains three solid latex condoms sold at subsided price.

Gold Circle condom offers dual protection to encourage family planning and prevent Sexually Transmitted Infection in Nigeria.

Gold Circle Condoms are made of latex, well lubricated and shrinked wrapped Please read the instruction leaflet enclosed before use. Use each condom only once. No method of contraception is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

Gold Circle Natural Rubber Latex Condoms contains lubricant to gives maximum protections and long lasting ultimate pleasure.

Quantity: 3 Pieces per pack

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