Super Bright Aluminium Foil 8 Meters Long


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For your convenience this foil is center sealed.

Super bright aluminium foil is a super strength aluminium foil and can be used for:

1. Baking: Foil wrapped food can be baked in an open dish in the usual way.
2. Roasting: Cook super bright wrapped meat at usual temperature rating and for normal length of time. To brown crisply fold back foil 20 minutes before finish.
3. Pots and pans: Line grill pans, cake tins pastry dishes and under casserole lids. Super Bright Foil used in this way will ease the core of washing up.
4. Storing: Cheese, butter, biscuits, cakes, pies, meat, fish practically everything stays fresh when it's wrapped in Super Bright Foil.
5. Boiling/Steaming: Use Super Bright Foil instead of a pudding doth. Place foil over basin and tie into position. Remember to perforate foil 5 or 6 times with a fork.

Aluminium foil conducts electricity. Take care when using an electric cooker that the foil does not rest against an exposed element. It is unsuitable for storing foods soaked in vinegar or fruit juices.

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