Molped Ultra Soft Sanitary Pad 8 Long x 10

Molped Ultra Soft Sanitary Pad 8 Long x 10


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Molped Ultra Soft Sanitary Pad 8 Long

Imagine having all your concerns ( of itchiness, heat, irritation, leakage) about sanitary pads fixed in one Pad. Well, MOLPED just brought your dreams to life with Molped Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads.

Molped ultra soft long Sanitary Pad is the Ideal for lovers of thin and soft pad . meant fir light flows. good for day and night use. It is absorbent; with thousands of Microholes to increase absorption even in seconds.

*It is nylon Free; increasing the feeling of comfort.
* It has cotton like wings; increasing comfort during usage.
*Is Cotton Soft; Giving barely there feeling.
*Has 100% Leak protection; with its specially designed channel system, allowing easy penetration through the pad.
*Is skin friendly, preventing irritations and rashes, your skin will love.
*Available in formats for heavy and light flow."

Quantity: 10 Pads per pack

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